We are a dedicated service provider specialized in the dissemination of knowledge and know-how in the fields of tribology, machinery lubrication and reliability, oil analysis and contamination control.

We are proud to be a Noria Co. licensed partner – in 2010 AA Inlube was granted exclusive rights to provide Noria products and services by acting as its licensed partner within Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland and The Baltic Countries.

AA Inlube’s team combines global experience and expertise, specialized skills and knowledge to provide a wide range of maintenance and reliability consulting services for industry. We are fully dedicated making the services of Noria Co. available for all industrial enterprises in our territory.

We both, i.e. AA Inlube and Noria Co. are vendor-neutral organizations. Vendor neutrality ensures unbiased recommendations and results. Our education and consulting services are not influenced by selling lubricants, filters, and other products. Lubrication is all we do. It is our core competency.

We are delighted to offer our expertise combined with Noria’s excellent consultation packages:

  1. lubrication and maintenance management
  2. lubrication program audits and design
  3. development of Best Practice standards and guidelines
  4. root cause failure analysis
  5. development of lubricant testing routines
  6. follow up procedures on contamination control
  7. Library Search Services in Noria’s private library


We help to transform your lubrication program to world-class standards, to incorporate your lubrication procedures to modern technologies and best practice.

Organizations who are responding to the challenge are seeing amazing results on the bottom line, where it counts most.